Database Architect
Database Architect helps software architects design database structure of any complexity:
Develop your database structure with ease
Database Architect uses WYSIWYG principles in entity relationship diagram building. For example, if you need to add a new database table to your database, you click the table icon on the program's toolbar, then place it in the model window and define all necessary table properties (table name, fields, indexes) in the table properties dialog.
Debug the model before putting it to the server
Database Architect can check your database model to ensure that it doesn't contain errors before generating the database creation SQL script. When checking a model, the program verifies that your database does not contain duplicate table names, tables without fields, references pointing to nowhere and so on.
Generate database directly from the program
Database Architect can generate the sql statements that will create your database in the database server and either save it to a disk file or execute it against an ODBC data source, creating tables, indexes and references in the database.
Work with databases of any format
Database Architect stores database format specifications (data types, table/reference/index creation commands, etc) in the external text files, that allows you to not only edit/update format specifications, but even add new database descriptions to the program! When creating a database from the model, the program uses unified ODBC drivers to connect to the database server.
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